The article aims to provide the fundamentals of Kusto query language to search for complex data patterns as well as generate complicated analytics in the Azure cloud.

As a cybersecurity analyst, Splunk is one of the most important tools for my daily tasks. Automatically over years, I become comfortable with…

Shellcode is a sequence of machine code that is commonly abused to execute malicious codes after vulnerability exploitation, download the next payload, or beacon back to its C2 server. This article presents various techniques and tools to analyze Windows shellcode. It contains are 3 main parts:

  • Shellcode Introduction
  • Dynamic Analysis…

This article provides instructions to build a safe environment that you can use to learn the behavior of a malware sample. The article contains 2 parts as below:

  • Malware lab: provides guides to build a safe and isolated environment to analyze Windows malware.
  • Behavioral analysis: introduces steps to records traces/footprints…

Tho Le

Senior Cyber Security Analyst — For the secure world

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